It’s April Fool’s Day, and we’ve got a great post to share with you!

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Jack McCormick

“We can all make our lives much happier if we choose to laugh, live our lives more intentionally and find joy in the little things.”

The quote above is from our friend, Jack McCormick’s blog. You may know seen the video, Jack’s Story, at Dinner in the Dark last year, or on Facebook or our website. Jack’s story is one of clinical misdiagnosis – something that happens all too frequently. It’s also about living with a visual impairment, the role his parents played in his life, and getting to a correct diagnosis. (Spoiler alert! Jack has LCA.) If you haven’t seen it yet, take a few minutes to watch!

If you’re raising a blind child, then we also recommend this post from Jack, Let’s Laugh: At Me! There are so many emotions and worries that keep parents up at night, and Jack’s post is a reminder that our kids are not just rare and beautiful, but sometimes just plain goofy, and a little humor and laughter can go a long way!

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