LCA and IRD Resources

Being diagnosed with any rare disease is overwhelming. No two ways about it.

Being diagnosed with LCA or another IRD also means navigating a very confusing and fragmented landscape of information, resources, and a lot of acronyms and really long words (like LHON and choroideremia).

Are you an RPE65 family? Spark Therapeutics needs your help!

What Do I Do Now?

We’ve broken it down into three manageable bits.

The A to Z on LCA and IRDs

Basic information, research updates and links to learn more.

Connect With Families

You’re not alone! Find resources to connect with families, as well as other organizations.

Learn About Clinical Trials

Information and links.

Industry Partners & News

Information and programs from our industry partners.

Our LCA Family Newsletter

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Watch our informative videos.


Read our latest industry-related blog posts.

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