2nd ‘Blindfold Breakfast’ Challenge Launched for World Rare Disease Day

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fruit loops(Feb. 23, 2017) — On Feb. 28, World Rare Disease Day, Sofia Sees Hope launches its second annual Blindfold Breakfast Challenge, a social media campaign designed to bring awareness to what life is like for those suffering from inherited retinal diseases. Last year, folks from around the world donned a blindfold to eat their breakfast to help raise awareness for the inherited retinal diseases that cause blindness. Sofia Sees Hope, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness of rare inherited retinal diseases, wants you to challenge yourself to experience just one simple meal without the use of your sight. This is what life is like every day for someone suffering from a rare inherited retinal disease. We challenge families, schools, children and celebrities to show us how well you eat your breakfast blindfolded – and then challenge your friends! Take a video or photo, and share it on social media with the hashtag #blindfoldbreakfast. The challenge continues through March.

Sofia Sees Hope is inspired by a young Ledyard teen with a rare inherited retinal disease who hopes to someday be able to see the stars at night. We are dedicated to making this possible for all those affected by blindness caused by Leber Congenital Amaurosis and other rare inherited eye diseases. We do this by raising funds for:

  • Research  into treatments and cures
  • Patient support for diagnosis and treatment
  • Patient and medical community education and outreach
  • Public awareness of inherited retinal disease and treatment

If the Blindfold Breakfast experience inspires you to change someone’s future, please visit www.sofiaseeshope.org to make a donation. Follow and tag us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Laura Manfre
Sofia Sees Hope

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