Kindle Book Sales of ‘The Bug In Our Brain’ Benefit SSH

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The Bug in Our Brain by Robert Christiansen is a new and unique perspective into self-help and personal development.  While many books and programs teach about success, Christiansen found that strategies and methods that helped many people reach their goals were ineffective for so many others.

More than 30 years of mentoring and coaching led Christiansen to the discovery of the relationship between self-worth and sabotage behaviors that affects millions of people around the world.

“I’ve always been passionate about helping people achieve their dreams,” says Christiansen.  “However, self-worth often gets in their way while on the road to success.  Self-worth is an ever-changing pair of glasses that broadens or limits their view of the world, colors every life experience, and propels them to take action or grounds them in stagnation.  What I’ve found through personal, one-on-one coaching and seminars, is when worthiness is lifted, attainment of their goals become significantly easier.  Lifting self-worth is the key to success.”

Kindle sales of the book on Tuesday, Sept. 26 will not only support the success of the readers, but also a worthy cause.

The Kindle 99-cents sales of The Bug in Our Brain are supporting Sofia Sees Hope, a patient advocacy organization dedicated to transforming the lives of those affected by blindness caused by Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA) and other rare inherited retinal diseases by generating awareness, supporting affected families, and raising funds to advance research for diagnosis, treatments, and cures.

Sofia Sees Hope was founded by Laura Manfre, whose daughter Sofia has LCA.

self-help“We are thrilled that Robert has chosen Sofia Sees Hope to benefit from the release of his new  book,” says Manfre.  “So much of what we do in the world of advocacy is reflected in the concepts and methods Robert uses in his work as well and we are grateful for the additional awareness and support his book launch will bring.”

“Laura and Sofia are amazing people with a passion to make a real difference. I look forward to supporting them in the mission,” says Christiansen.

The Bug in Our Brain is available on Amazon Kindle.

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