Sofia Sees Hope Joins Global Genes Alliance

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To help expand our resources to the Leber congenital amaurosis community, Sofia Sees Hope has joined the RARE Foundation Alliance of Global Genes.

The RARE Foundation Alliance is a coalition of more than 300 rare disease organizations.

We joined this program to become part of Global Genes’ collective voice and its commitment to making changes in the rare disease community through advocacy, awareness, legislation and education.

The focus of the alliance is to be an active support resource for organizations such as Sofia Sees Hope, the LCA community and the rare disease community. We will keep the alliance up to date on Sofia Sees Hope’s upcoming events, patient stories, news and research. According to the website, “Alliance partners exchange best practices and share lessons learned to drive better outcomes for the entire rare disease community. Global Genes aims to provide a culture of collaboration to support the activities of the RARE Foundation Alliance.”  

We’re looking forward to a fruitful relationship with the RARE Foundation Alliance and to continuing the expansion of our scope of resources to the LCA community.

You can see the full list of Alliance members here.

Interested in learning more about Sofia Sees Hope? Click here.

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