Sofia Sees Hope Receives Grant from Community Foundation for Greater New Haven

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Ledyard, CT (April 9, 2018) — The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven recently awarded Sofia Sees Hope a $5,000 grant to help SSH create long-term financial planning and revenue development strategies.

The grant will be used to hire a consultant/facilitator to guide staff, board members and SSH ambassadors to successfully create a unique revenue development strategy that will lead to increased operating funds for short-term working capital as well as long-term funding goals, all while raising awareness about Sofia Sees Hope.

Through this process, SSH will increase and diversify its financial resources for long term, sustainable fiscal health by focusing on key strategies to expand financial support from individuals, foundations, and corporations. The future success and long-term sustainability of the organization is dependent on a steady and diverse funding stream. This program will set financial goals, plan action steps, timelines, and accountability to achieve those goals.

“Thank you to the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven for this funding,” said SSH Board President and Co-founder Laura Manfre. “As we continue to keep pace with and accelerate research to treat IRDs, it is critical that we maintain our own rate of high growth, while increasing our financial stability and sustainability. This grant will lay the groundwork for a system that will ensure that we continue to grow and support our community both locally and globally. ”

Manfre noted that while SSH serves a constituency affected by rare inherited retinal diseases around the globe, it is firmly rooted in Connecticut, where it got its start.

“One of our founding members, Susette Tibus, owner of Simply Majestic jewelers, once said that it takes a community to raise a startup,” she said. “That’s exactly what eastern Connecticut —  my local community — did for Sofia Sees Hope. We are global, but we greatly reply upon our local supporters. And frankly, we are uncovering families affected by rare inherited retinal diseases across Connecticut all the time! We just found another family last week – right here in New London County –  that we know we can help.”

About Sofia Sees Hope

Sofia Sees Hope was founded in 2014  by Laura Manfre and Charles Priebe, whose daughter Sofia has Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA). This rare degenerative genetic condition is characterized by severe vision loss at birth and leads to total blindness.

The mission of Sofia Sees Hope is to transform the lives of those affected by blindness caused by rare inherited retinal disease. The nonprofit organization generates awareness, raises funds for research, and provides outreach, support and education to those affected by LCA and other rare retinal diseases.

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